Subject: Re: An insight to Europe's areas around train stations
Hi Ziners

Further to Paolo's comments about rail stations and in response to Barbara's query on Munich and Berlin stations, last May, June & July, we (my husband, children & I) travelled around Germany, France, Holland & Belgium by train. We stayed relatively near the stations.

I have also travelled many years ago by myself in Germany, travelling by train and staying very near the stations (foolishly overburdened with luggage), and my husband and I travelled also by train in 1989.

While I wouldn't describe the stations in glowing terms I never felt threatened. In Belin Zoo station I withdrew money from an ATM - I thought about it and probably wouldn't do that if not accompanied even a 12 year old companion made me feel more secure. At Berlin Zoo also we noticed police that seemed more dressed for military combat than traffic duties - they were there though and we saw no incidents.

Travelling in Europe in summer meant very long evenings and daylight covered most of the hours I wished to be up and about doing things - even lugging washing to the laundromat after the children were put to bed! If you would be comfortable going to a jazz club at night in your own town I can't imagine you would be uncomfortable in Berlin. We stayed in that area (also a Rick Steve's recommendation - Pension Peters) and were certainly walking around in the late evening - no issues.

Regards Anne Canberra, Australia