Subject: Re: Flamenco in Sevilla
Hi Vanessa

I can highly recommend the Los Gallos for Flamenco in Seville. Although mostly for tourists, the show was terrific. I recommend that you learn a little of the history of Flamenco before you leave so you will begin to understand the importance of the guitar, the singer & the dance - it will enhance your enjoyment of this wonderful art form. The combination is electrifying.

There are two places I can suggest for eating in Seville

1. Las Teresas, in the heart of the Barrio - the quintessential Spanish tapas bar with hams hanging overhead with little umbrellas attached upside down to the bottom catching the dripping fat. Push your way to the bar and order anything that passes you that looks good. It's a visual thing - if your neighbour gets something that appeals to you - just go for it. With a fino (dry sherry) and a cervaza, a chalk mark on the bar to keep count - sit back and savour the moment. This bar is located within a short walk from Los Gallos

2. Bar Giraldo - at the base of the Giraldo in the Plaza Virgende Los Reyes - have their tasting menu of tapas with a pitcher of Sangria all served on lovely linen.

Los Gallos Plaza Santa Cruz 11 95/421-6981

Las Teresas Calle Santa Teresa 2 - in the Barrio

Bar Giraldo #3 Mateos Gago just off the Plaza Virgende Los Reyes


Felice Toronto, Ontario