Subject: Re: Safety for single female, Munich and Berlin train station areas
It's pretty much live and let live around the train stations. You don't bother anybody and nobody bothers you.

The train station areas in many parts of Europe are not the most majestic part of the city for sure. It is a hub of a lot of activity because trains are a major source of travel for vacationers and even commuters. Some of our more disadvantaged people in life hang out in the area of train stations b/c just like you and me they want to be part of a bigger society (is that why we travel?) and hanging out in an area where there are lots of people probably helps satisfy that need.

Besides, the safest place to be is around other people rather than isolated, so being around places like the train stations can be a good thing. I think most people steer tourist away from train station areas b/c many tourist (esp. American tourist, which includes me :-) are not used to mingling with the folks at the lower end of the social ladder. Not to create any controversy here, but the U.S. is more socially/economically segregated in some ways than European societies. So, when staying in the train station areas of Europe, you might simply be seeing a wider cross-section of society (perhaps skewed towards the less fortunate) but still totally normal. Then you throw in the bit about Americans driving every where in huge, comforting autos instead of actually walking and interacting with other people and you have the basis for another Michael Moore movie! :-) Well, might be getting off on a tangent here but I'll sum it up this way: If Rick says it's OK, then it's OK.

When walking around in europe (or the U.S.) at night, know the route to your destination, be confident in your walk, and if anybody asks you for money or whatever, simply say no in the local language and keep walking. Thousands of single women of all ages are doing that everyday across Europe!

Have fun!