Subject: Re: Albufeira, Portugal
Hi Marge, Lucky you to be spending two weeks in this charming area. I tried to locate your hotel/apartment complex without success. Could it be Perola do Algarve? Since I wasn't certain of the location, I'm not sure how high on the cliff you are but suffice it to say that Carol's advice re: comfy shoes is excellent. Cardiac Hill does exist and we had an excellent workout on those stairs (usually twice a day) as we also stayed at the Cerro Alagoa and that was the fastest route to our beach walks & downtown restaurants. So many restaurants, so little time! We loved the walking/climbing as we could eat with abandon knowing that those calories would simply disappear into the cracks in the cobblestones. You might want to consider an economy size A535 for those calf muscles!

I would highly recommend one all day tour (10 hrs approx) called The Historical Algarve. We booked it a couple of days prior through an agency downtown. It covers a cross section of southern Portugal from Silves (the ancient Arab capital) to Cape St. Vincent (most westerly point) with in and out of bus time nicely balanced. Lunch in Lagos was included as was entrance to several historical sites. Since it only operates certain days of the week, you would want to check their schedule upon arrival, also the number of bookings -- generally it's a comfy doubledeck highway coach, but in slack times minivans could be used. This site gives an overview:

Enjoy the Algarve! Anne, Burlington ON