Subject: Pacific Rim BC Tofino/Ucluelet
Hello Ziners,

I see only one recommendation for accommodation in this area, so thought I would toss out a query in the hope that other Ziners have visited this area.

We're hoping to get out to Tofino/Ucluelet in a couple of months, and the accommodation choices are mind boggling. All the websites look intriguing but the term rustic, even when prefaced with charmingly, makes me rather curious. To narrow our search here's our wish list: comfortable but not necessarily luxurious, property on a walkable stretch of beach, small kitchen, and a balcony would be a bonus. (There's something addictive about fresh morning coffee in your pj's by the ocean!) So far Pacific Sands seems closest to what we want -- has anyone stayed there?

I'm open to any and all suggestions...

Anne, Burlington ON Let's hear it for green grass .. finally!