Subject: Re: Best budget destinations?
Hi Candice,

You asked about the travel company in Egypt. We used Milano Travel & Tours-Egypt. They also have offices in Spain. All the transfers & accommodations were fine, sightseeing was outstanding: guides were professional & very knowledgeable. We had one problem which I detailed in my travelogue but in a nutshell, we were asked for more money by the tour representative in Aswan to purchase our sleeper train ticket from Aswan to Cairo. We had paid for everything when we arrived a week before & of course, we expected the tickets were already purchased. It made a real fiasco of the last day in Aswan. Our guide finally purchased our tickets under the counter from the conductor on the train, about 15 minutes before we were to leave. The problem was partly my fault for not having the phone number handy for the Cairo office & the woman we had dealt with there. Anyway, I've emailed numerous times & have not gotten an answer other than they are investigating. So I hesitate to recommend the company although everything else but that was wonderful. Carrie, one of the other Ziners is looking at tours from & they look to be only slightly more expensive but similar in amenities. In any case, Egypt is a bargain, safe, secure, & the sights are magnificent. We plan to go back again & I will use an Egyptian tour company for the basics & book my own air. The packages from US companies which include air seemed much more expensive.

Carol Bailey Idaho