Subject: Is it better to buy Italian railway Passes in Italy or here
Hi Ziners,

My husband and I wish to use the train as much as possible during our next trip to Italy. We plan to be here for a little more than a month, fly to Rome, take train to Firenze, and from Firenze to Padova and Venice. (While in Toscana rent a car for a week)

Then Padova to Rome by train. And from Rome we might go to Bari or to Palermo. We might rent a car in Sicily after visiting Palermo. Leave the car in Palermo, take the train back to Rome.

This is a tentative schedule. Is it better to buy a Railway Pass in the US (TreniItalia Saver?), and if so which one, or to buy a pass in Italy?

Can we get a Senior Italian Pass with US Documents?

To travel by train in Italy is a totally new experience for us, and we need some help, please...Thank you.

Graziella, Miami Beach.