Subject: Paris for kids
A big thanks to Sandy for the Laduree site. It is gorgeous!

For the person asking about the chunnel as transportation from London to Paris, I have friends who have done it, and say it is great BUT it takes a lot longer than a plane, and is pretty pricey.

Now, my question: I am going to Paris and the Southwest of France in June with my son's family which includes two boys, 10 and 7 years old.

I find lots of stuff on teenagers in Paris and babies in Paris, but haven't seen much on kids this age. I have been there several times, so am familiar with the city, etc., but would LOVE any hints, DOs and DONTs from folks with experience. These two are well behaved, and pretty good eaters, so I hope we will not have to resort to McD, etc. Thanks in advance for your hints!

Pat in California