Subject: Re: Palace on Wheels
Hi Candice and Ziners. The Palace on Wheels is expensive, but

completely comprehensive including all meals, all tours and guides, marvelous attention while on the train, etc. The only additional expenses would be wine, beer, drinks, laundry (very reasonable) and tips as you see fit for attendants. Each day the train arrives at a new destination and everyone gets off, usually for the full day, and boards busses to follow a prearranged itinerary of sites and experiences along with local guides. In my last post I inadvertently said one bathroom per train car which is incorrect. Each room has its own in-suite bathroom. We were part of an organized small adventure tour, so we followed the same itinerary, but with just our group in a small bus with a guide. I'm not completely certain of the cost because we paid for this as part of a package. However, in the materials provided to us on the train, it said $350 per person, per day. I'm quite confident that better rates can be obtained via a competent travel agent and I hopefully can remember the name of the company based in Delhi that our tour group used if anyone needs it. They were fantastic, always picking us up from flights, providing for our needs, etc. even while we traveled on our own after our tour. We loved our trip to India!

Hope this helps... Judy in San Carlos, CA