Subject: Prague, Vienna, Munich etc.
For Fernando,

Lt me share a couple of comments about your trip. You asked about the weather in March. We were in Munich for spring break one year and it snowed in Munich and all over southern Germany and Austria. It was beautiful. A little hard to get around until the blizzard stopped, but scenic. Everyone in our group simply loved this part of the world, snow or no, and would go back again and again. All of the cities you mentioned can be cold in March. But I've been to London when it rained, and also when it was clear and bright in March. Still cold though.

As far as visiting Dachau from Munich, we went to the train station and bought tickets which took us to the town which wasn't far. You can then catch a bus or take a taxi to the prison. It is a series of low bunker-type buildings and many of the buildings have been demolished. The main building has memorabilia from the time these buildings were used. Auschwitz is (in my opinion) more what we Americans expect to see when we think of the Holacaust era.

Prague - one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Just stand in the square one day and take your time and look at the beauty of the buildings all around you. Then duck in to a coffee shop and have a warm apple strudle (with whipped cream, what the heck) and savor the city. If I recall right, there is a museum devoted to Schindler's list. I hope I don't have my cities mixed up.

Rosemary in KC