Subject: Leipzig
Hello Chuck, your question brings back memories of our visit to Leipzig. It was too short, but I learned from a very good tour guide that the Nicholas Church played an important role in the Wall coming down in 1989. The people who were meeting at the church began to pray for the hated wall to come down and for the city to be reunited. Night after night, week after week. The meetings grew with lots of youth attending. The authorities began to attend the meetings to break them up. The meetings just got larger until the crowds were out in the street. And indeed, this is where the revolution started. If you can't get a guide to tell you about it, perhaps a guide book would help. I picked up a little flyer in the church. Of course, Johann Sebastian Bach served as organist at St. Thomas Church.

You can find so much on line if you just know the right 'search' words. I hope you enjoy your experience in Leipzig, as we did. Before our guide enlightened us, it was just another beautiful German city.

Rosemary in cold Kansas City