Subject: Re: Is it better to buy Italian railway Passes in Italy or here
Hello Graziella,

You might research the fares on to see the cost of regular tickets for your trips, and decide whether it's worthwhile to buy a pass. The Italian language site seems to work better than the English, although the English site does say that the Trenitalia Pass can be bought in the big stations in Italy.
>From my reading of the Rail Europe site, you would need to pay the supplement for Eurostar with the pass, so on the Trenitalia site you should price a trip that doesn't say ES to make a valid comparison; if going on Eurostar you would need to pay the supplement in either case.

>From what I've heard, it's rarely worthwhile to buy a pass in Italy. One example: Rome-Venice in second class on InterCity shows 35.89 euros one way.

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