Subject: Re: Overnight in Frankfurt --hotel, what do do
Hi Georgia,

Unless you are packing an unbearable amount of luggage, I'm not sure if you will want to stay at the airport. Actually, I don't know all the options there eventhough I live in Frankfurt. There is the

Sheraton that is connected to the airport and the Steinberger is across the interstate/autobahn. Other than those, there isn't that much that is close to the airport, so you may be just as well off going into the city. You can catch a regional train called theS- bahn and their routes all start with the letter S. For example, there are two lines that run from the airport to the center of Frankfurt - the S8 and S9. If you have any questions about the train from the airport, don't worry... Just follow the airport signs to the train area and ask one of the numerous train people at the ticket counter. Take either of those trains (in the direction of Frankfurt) and you'll be in the middle of town with lots of hotel options and, most importantly great access to the Christmas

Markets! Those start on the last weekend of Novemeber / first of December, so those will be a good thing. However, you can only do so many German Xmas markets - will you be visiting any before your night in Frankfurt?

This place is very near the Hauptwache stop of the S8 or S9 lines (e.g. from the airport, don't get off at the Hauptbahnhof - main train station - but stay on for two more stops to the Hauptwache stop).

Here is the info:

Hotel Neue Kraeme Neue Kraeme 23 60311 Frankfurt am Main +49 69 28 40 46 (phone)

That is a 3 star place that was completely renovated 2 or 3 years ago. Great access to what's hapenning in the city and great access to train to the airport (e.g. the S8 or S9 headed the other direction)