Subject: Re: Prague, Vienna, Munich, Paris &London
Hi Ziners,

I'm leaving for Munich on Monday. I anticipate cold weather. Here's how I cope.

I wear a Goretex raincoat (hip length) over a Polartec. I generally wear a wool turtleneck sweater and if the temperatures are really low, a silk undershirt. That gets me through the coldest weather in New England or on the road. This year I'm wearing my Land's End version of the Merrill Junglemocs and taking two pairs of wool socks. My silk long-johns can keep me warm under regular slacks and at night too if the weather is really cold. Silk sock liners are also useful.

It takes a little practice to find out what combination keeps you warm but brisk walking will warm you up as well. Silk takes up almost no room and weighs almost nothing.

Traveling in March is my best budget tip as well. We got round trip tickets from JFK to Munich for $327.

Have a wonderful trip.

Barbara in Connecticut