Subject: Re: Bad Hotel Experiences Was: Pacific Rim
Hi Judy, Carrie, Frances and fellow Ziners,

Thanks to all for the insights. We'll explore the suggestions and lean toward Tofino accommodations.

We had an amusing experience somewhat similar to yours Frances, while in Pennsylvania this past July. We went out for the day blissfully unaware that the hotel computer (or so we were told??) had checked us out and cancelled our electronic keycard. Fortunately we returned just in time, as the head of housekeeping had rec'd instructions to pack us up and bring our luggage to the lobby before she left at 4PM. Even so, the evening manager was most annoyed and insistent that we change rooms as he had already assigned our room to another guest - who had not arrived yet. It took some patient negotiating to assure him that we hadn't initiated the checkout and to achieve a rational outcome. The best part was the following day when we did check out and the day manager offered us a discount for our frustration. Her pointed comments about trying to work with people who fall off a turnip truck were priceless. ;-)

Fingers crossed for a stretch of clear weather in April on the Pacific Rim ... ever the optimist.

Anne, Burlington ON