Subject: Re: Amsterdam and Re: Nomadism
hi ziners!

this has 2 topics really,

the first is re amsterdam accomodations, i don't know if any of you still youth hostel it, but the hostel in amsterdam (no age restrictions, i don't think) is fabulous if you want a clean, cheap accommodation to reboot at before taking off for days entirely out and about. it's right off of the vondelpark, which is at the northernmost edge, but not more than a 20-minute walk down the train station--amsterdam is wonderfully accessible that way. also included in the price (22 euros per night in one of the dorm-style single-sex rooms and they do have doubles, but i'm not sure by how much the price increases) is the world's best breakfast: buffet style cheeses, meats, breads, yogurt, granola, juices, insanity--but in a good way.

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark Zandpad 5 1054 GA Amsterdam Netherlands Tel ++ 31 (0) 20 589 89 96 Fax ++ 31 (0) 20 589 89 55 website:

oh and be careful in amsterdam. it's so cute and safe-feeling but down around the train station is pick-pocket heaven. i was exhausted and unguarded while at an internet cafe and had my camera, passport, credit cards etc stolen. that monday, while waiting for the american consulate to open, there were 9 other people of all socio-economic ranges who had also been ripped off--which opened my eyes to the need to just be more careful in amsterdam, but also made me feel slightly less foolish.

ah i also wanted to respond to audrey's dreams of nomadism...i've picked up and left the u.s. (my home country) twice now for year-long living in other countries, once to peru and now in paris, and i'm finding that six months is barely enough time to make connections and start feeling like you have a place in the city and culture. both times, i found wonderful apartments through friends of friends (of friends...). i guess that isn't exactly nomadism though; i'd be interested in knowing what you envision for yourself

all best, jeannine--happily in paris.