Subject: Re: Long Term Rentals
Hi Ziners and Audrey in particular, Was fascinated with your plans; have similar ones myself but not sure I have the nerve to "give it up completely". Whatever I do will definitely have to be on a shoestring. Every country you mentioned is on my wish list as well, with the exception of Peru#hadn#t considered that, but why not?

I am down-scaling as we speak and hope to get my feet wet by starting out on a 6-month trek in Mexico via bus. I was in Guatemala this past February 2003 and knew I would return. It is fairly easy to take a bus from Mexico to Guatemala and I actually met a young man (during one of my bus rides from Guatemala City to Antigua) who had done just that.

Back to basics: I have looked into renting on-line and found, like you, that everything is high end. And if you don#t like it when you arrive, well, you're stuck. Why not go to your destination of choice and "hang out" for a week or so; ie. cheap hotels, hostels, pensions, etc. and get an apartment via "word of mouth"?

In addition to the book recommended by Gail yesterday, I would suggest you read the story of Vicki and Paul Terhorst: They have been traveling for 20 years! Best wishes and keep me posted,

Margo in Beautiful Western North Carolina