Subject: Long Term Rentals
Hello Audrey,

i might note that in 1993 i rented out my home in minneapolis, took a leave of absence from work and moved to israel for nine months with no family or friends and just two large suitcases and no place to stay upon arrival. at the time, there was no e mail, telephone calls were very expensive, and there was no cable tv to speak of in israel. you do not mention if you plan to tour, but from your letter, it sounds as you plan, as i did, to rent a place and to put down temporary roots.

even if you are in a community for six months, this is much different than touring as visitor and i found that without a suport group i was not only very depressed but also lonely. it took atleast two months for become someone intergrated into a group of people. if you speak the language, it will be alot easier, and if you can find some sort of organization from which you are able to obtain support, that will help, too.

picture yourself with a minor illness, and not, hopefully, a major one and how would you feel if you had to be hospitalized. i also found the weekends and holidays were quite lonely. i started attending language classes a few weeks after my arrival and was able to find lectures in english, musical concerts, and day tours with groups that introduced me to other english speakers.

the places that you mention in your letter are very exotic and very exciting. it can certainly be done, but i, personally, would select one place that would be the most easy to live in for a north american and settle down there first. renting an apartment, with all of the responsiblities and guarantees that it entails every six months would not give you enought time to get to the know community and to find a secure base.

bettina permanently in jerusalem