Subject: Long Term Rentals
Hi Margo, so glad to hear there is another like minded person out there! Your 6 month vacation in Mexico sounds like a great place to start. I can't take a leave from my current job and wouldn't want to leave my house for that long either, so when I make the plunge it will be a permanent break. Very intimidating I agree but also very exciting.

Thanks for suggesting Vicki and Paul Terhorst's website. I'm sure there is a whole sub-culture out there doing this type of thing. The Terhorsts' live on $50.00 per day and I think that was posted a few years ago. I'm budgetting for $10,000.00 Canadian a year so I will be living a little closer to the ground then they are but I'm sure it can be done. Once I leave the working world I don't ever want to work again but in the worst case scenario I may travel for 8 to 10 years, run out of money, and return to Canada and get a job. Well that's still better than the alternative! I also agree with your idea of going to a community and finding living arrangements once I'm there; I think one of the best things about early retirement is that I will become more of a go with the flow type of person.

Best of Luck, Audrey in Montreal