Subject: Re: Bad Hotel Experiences (was: Pacific Rim)
Hi Frances,

Uh-oh. I guess there is, or was, more than one dreary place in Ucluelet. The staff at our very small motel consisted of the woman who owned and ran it, plus the cleaning and/or grounds staff.

However, I must point out that Ucluelet is in no way dreary. The coastal inlets and trails to the beach were great places to explore. There are quite a few trails that are of raised boardwalk construction so as not to disturb the delicate flora beneath.

We even encountered a bear on the outskirts of town. It was sitting on its hind legs, tossing some paper around and looking like a black bear version of Pooh. We saw two preteen girls riding their bikes towards us, so we stopped them to warn them about the bear. With a, Oh, he's there all the time, they merely crossed to the other side of the road to pass him. At the visitors center for the Pacific Rim National Park, a ranger told us there were a couple of cougars that like to sun themselves on rocks in the backyard of the local elementary school. When they were sighted, recess was held indoors.

A very pleasant place to dine was the Wickaninnish Inn. Good fish, good service, good view. For tourists, but good anyway. It is situated at Long Beach. Of course, things may have changed since we were there about 6 or 7 years ago. I imagine there are newer and better places to stay in Ucluelet.

Carrie, Bardonia, NY