Subject: Re: Amsterdam Hotels
Hi Pam and Ziners, I was in Amsterdam at last Easter and loved it very much! Although my hotel was not the best: steep stairs, little room and a little shared shower, but the price was excellent - for Amsterdam, of course. I paid 35 Euros for a single room with shared toilet and shower. But these services were divided by myself and just another room. The services was very kind. It is at the center of Amsterdam (near Magna Plaza) in the building which was built about 100 years ago for some insurance company. The internet site:

If you have enough of time I recommend you 1. by bus get to Marken. Form there 15 min by boat to Volendam. Then by bus Edam and from there to Monninckendam. It takes about 5-6 hours. You don't need to take a guide, just walk by yourself with your book or without.

2. by train to Zwolle and from there by bus to the village of Hiethorn - a little village whose every house surrounded by water - more than in Amsterdam and more than in Venice!!! Just a village built on the water.

3. by train and then by bus go to De Hoge Veluwe Park. That's a very nice park for bicycle travel. The bicycle are allocated free in the park. But the most important reason to visit this place is Van Gogh museum. Not less impressive than in Amsterdam! Don't miss.

4. Your another choices can be Haague (the capital with a rich paintings museum), Leiden (the city where Rembrabdt was born and a very pleasant midages nucleus), Delft, Gouda, Utrecht. Even the modern architecture of Rotterdam can impress you.

5. In addition to the all-known sites in Amsterdam and around, I recommend to go by bus to the flower auction (wrrive about 7-7.30, because otherwise you'll miss the most interesting views) and to cheese auction in Alkmaar (come at about 9.00; the best in Friday; lasts until the mid-Sept).

I gave you some recommendations. Hope you'll find the best matching your plans.

Enjoy your trip, Sincerely, Alex Elbert

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