Subject: Re: Travel Insurance for Seniors - help!
Hi Vanessa

The very strong advice of the Australian government is you should have travel insurance. Australia is even further away than the US from Europe. The suggestion is that if you can't afford insurance you can't afford to travel. Medical evacuation costs tens and tens of thousands of dollars. As a foreigner you may not be entitled to any free or subsidised medical care in the country you are visiting either so even local medical help will cost a lot.

There is no way I would risk it. You may find it difficult to insure for an 85 year old and you will certainly find it expensive - but consider the alternative. You will need to check carefully your policy does cover your mother-in-law and how it deals with any pre-existing ailments.

As with any insurance, if you don't claim on it count your blessings as to the experiences you didn't have!

Regards Anne Canberra, Australia