Subject: Re: Travel Insurance for Seniors - help!
Hi,In the past we have bought a yearly insurance from American Express that covers medical expenses.

We actually used it once when we had a car accident in Italy, we didn't test it to the limit because I flew back home in a regular plane (Delta Business).

They paid the transfer from Arezzo to Rome in a special van, also they made arrangements for our return tickets (they changed them from Barcelona-Miami to Roma-Miami) and paid for the medical expenses in Italy.

I guess that they would have paid for the return in an ambulance if needed. (?)

To return in a regular airliner it was not that easy because I had my leg in a cast from toe to hip but I did it and was operated in Miami. I didn't even ask for the air ambulance....

It was not easy to make them do what they did. The Insurance representative was in London, and initially they were kind of reluctant to really help. But I imagine that is the way it is.

There are several insurance companies that cover medical insurance, like Acces America 800 284 8300.

Good luck. Graziella Miami Beach.