Subject: Re: New Los Angeles member
Hi Gerri,

I used Travelocity's Dream Maps to see what are reasonably priced destinations from LAX. Some possibilities are Belgium, Amsterdam or Paris. All would be about $400. Bruges in Belgium is wonderful as are other smaller cities. Bruges has canals, quaint buildings and tourists! See my photos and triplog (URL under my signature). Paris is a great budget destination if you wanted to see a big city. There are smaller cities nearby which you can visit by train. We day-tripped to the Loire from Paris to take a shuttle bus (van) to see four chateaux. Wonderful and easy.

If you were interested in budget accommodation, we have been discussing it lately. Check the archives under the keywords alternative accommodation.

You might also be interested in these articles. The first is about good destinations for each month. Here's March: The second is about costs in Europe. The third link is for a currency converter. By the way, if you haven't travelled to Europe lately, you'll be pleased to see how easy it is with the euro.

If you were thinking of staying in the US, Charleston and Savannah are well worth the trip. We been discussing them lately too!

Cheers, Frances, Toronto, Canada