Subject: Re: Is it better to buy Italian railway Passes in Italy or here
Hello Graziella,

I believe that you can save money if you buy your pass in Italy. Moreover I know that you can make any kind of reservation at the train station in Fiumicino airport in Rome (don't need to go to the huge and busy Termini station in the city). I think that in the station in airport you can buy passes too, but not sure. About your query for senior pass (over 60) apparentely there is any limitation of countries. Have a look at If you like I can ask for you in a train station (I use the train every day so that it is not a trouble go to the station). Graziella, if I'm not wrong Gino can't stand cigaret smoke,

is that right? Well don't worry about book in advance the train seat to avoid smoking compartments: from this March, smoking on Italian trains is banned at all on all the trains!

Finally, about your intention to go to Palermo from Rome by train I must advice you that that is a long journey (about 11 hours by InterCity: and click on Palermo-Roma for Intercity schedule for day journey). I would fly from Rome to Palermo or take the overnight ferry from Civitavecchia (north of Rome) and Palermo.

Just my last 2 cents. As Andrew said (I have to admit that he knows very well Italy!), be sure that the pass is really worthwhile for you.

Have a nice trip in Italy, Marco in Milan - Italy