Subject: Re: Siena and environs
Hello Sue,

Welcome to TheTravelzine. I can't answer your specifics about bus tours to the vineyards. It might be worthwhile to rent a car for a short time to explore the countryside and small towns. People new to Italian driving may worry about the city traffic, but outside the cities the driving is fine. When you mention planning two nights in the Siena/Assisi area, do I take it you're thinking of staying one place or the other, since they're on opposite sides of Perugia, where you'll be staying? Assisi is a reasonable day trip from Perugia.

TheTravelzine has a tradition of get-togethers or GTGs, where people who will be in the same area arrange to meet for a meal. It looks like we may be in the same area (Umbria) at the same time. If you're interested, write me privately, so we can compare itineraries and announce possible GTG dates to the group.

Andrew Missouri