Subject: Re: Looking for value, but yummy eating in Paris
Hi Chip & Margy!

How well do you read French? If you have a basic grasp, I would suggest purchasing the Guide Du Routard Restos et Bistros de Paris. (available on or you could purchase it on arrival).I used this when I was an exchange student 10 years ago; the guide helped me find the less expensive, but tasty restaurants, frequented mostly by the French. On a trip to Paris two years ago with friends, we ended up using my friend's guide to bistros of Paris published in English for American visitors. Good restaurants, but most of the customers were English.

If you prefer using a guide written in English, I would purchase (or check out from your library) Patricia Wells' Foodlover's Guide to Paris. She arranges restaurants, bistros and cafes by neighborhood-which is really how Paris operates.

HTH P. Miller N. Fla