Subject: Re: Looking for value, but yummy eating in Paris
Hi Margy,

There's lots of good value in Paris. First off, all the places must list their menus and prices in the window, so you won't go into a place and be unpleasantly surprised later. Most offer prix-fixe menus and sometimes price includes a carafe of wine.

For a very cheap and very delicious lunch, try Las Du Falafel on rue de Rosiers in the Marais area. Rue de Rosiers is a fantastic shopping street chock full of unique shops.

We all have different idea's on what value is, but I'll give you some of my favorites which I feel are a good bang for the buck.

La Gare, in the 16th on La Muette. It's an old train station, turned into a big, friendly place that's always filled with locals from the neighborhood and their family's. Easy, simple menu, not pricey.

Lou Pescadou - 16 rue Mabillon, in the 6th, near St. Sulpice church. Provence style french cooking using lots of wonderful herbs from Provence. Family run, very friendly and charming.

Le Lotus Blanc - in the 7th on rue de Bourgogne. Tiny charming Vietnamese. Owner speaks english well. Near rue de Grenelle, a great shopping street.

Le P'Tit Trouquet - 7th, rue de L'Exposition. Extremely charming french bistro with exceptional food at gentle prices. Not rock bottom bargain, but very good value.

La Cigale - 7th. 11 bis rue Chomel. Best soufflés in Paris.

Near Bon Marche which is a lovely dept store. Look at their pastry dept on the ground floor!

Shopping: When you go to Berthillion Ice Cream (and you WILL go to Berthillion!) on Il Saint Louis, there's a great little accessory store right across the street. They sell some wonderful scarves, tops, handbags and lovely costume jewlery. I've bought many presents there.

Under the Louvre, on Rue de Rivoli is the Carousel de Louvre. There you will find many stores selling some nice gift items. Of course on rue de Rivoli itself, are the typical tourist items. Paris is a shopping mecca, there are lovely things on every street.

Just leave some good stuff for me, I'm going in April! :-)

Candice NYC