Subject: Re: Looking for value, but yummy eating in Paris
Hi Margy & Chip and others traveling to Paris,

My husband and I were in Paris in the summer of 2002. We found the Ile de la Cite to be a lovely, quiet section with great restaurants that were reasonably priced. Paul's (or Chez Paul's) and Caveau du Palais, which is next door--both are at Place Dauphine. It's a quiet square with inside and outside dining.

For a VERY special evening, we highly recommend the expensive but absolutely beautiful dinner/boat ride on the Seine in one of the Bateaux Parisien. It costs a fortune, but it was one of the most memorable evenings of our lives--and the food and the music and the views were all spectacular! They dock in front of the Eiffel Tower and drop you off there about midnight. Try to save your pennies and splurge on this one! If you decide to do this, you can check out the prices and photos, etc., on line and make your reservations as well.

Sue Sharon, MA