Subject: Re: Hotel Experiences in Varenna
Hi Ric,

I can't find a paper trail but we are pretty sure that's correct - they stayed at the Beretta. My husband examined the map on this website and it looks right.

Richard said it wasn't as nice as the Olivedo but it was fine friendly, clean. You must walk through the bar to get to the rooms.

Varenna is beautiful and the Villa Monastaro is worthwhile. It's the Fermi Institute now, I believe. We wished we had planned on more than 1 night. The ferry dock is right there with By the way, if you are going by train, be aware that the train platform is (was, in 1995) small and we weren't in an optimum place for disembarking!

We went from Varenna to Tirano and took the Bernina Express, the Little Red Train to Graubunden, Switzerland. Great train ride, fabulous scenery.

Cheers! Frances Toronto, Canada