Subject: Re: Good value gifts from Paris
Ziners, Following on Pat Edson's suggestions, we have knife collectors in the family and the Lagioule (pronounced ly-yule I think) knives have been the greatest hit. The family has been making the knives in France for generations. I want to say centuries, but may not be remembering that correctly. They have a business now in Toledo, Spain, as well, and I bought some of the knives in Marbella. But, if you are interested, they have quite a large selection of them in the Printemps Dept. Store in Paris. They are largely hand crafted still, I believe. In any case, my guys consider them to be real treasures.

One thing I'm interested in bringing back is cheeses. There is nothing like some of the ones I fell in love with in France. But I'm not sure if it is legal to bring them into the country. I bought some in a small shop in Annecy and the lady asked if it was to take home to the States. When I said yes, she tore off a large sheet of foil and wrapped it. I wondered about it, but thought it was to contain the aroma. Then, when I bought more at a fromagerie we visited, a travel companion told me he thought I would not get it through customs. Someone said the foil wrap probably was to keep it from showing up when they x-rayed the bag. Is that feasible? I'm totally naive about this and would love to know. I was not questioned about it and had no problem getting them home, but I don't want to chance it on my trip this year if it's not the thing to do.

Although, it would almost be worth a short stay in the hoosegow to have enough reblochon cheese to make one recipe of Tartiflette and eat myself into oblivion.

Happy eating wherever you go, Lou Matthews in Lakeway, TX