Subject: Re: Bringing back cheese from France
Hello Ziners-

La Fermette 86, rue Montorgueil Paris 2 Tel: 01 42 36 70 96

I always stop by this fromagerie the day before I leave in order to stock up for my return home. It is located on one of the main market streets in the Les Halles area. They will vacuum pack the cheeses for travel, all you have to do is ask. Cheese is the one gift for myself that I always bring home. And I have never had problems bringing it through customs. I carry it on the plane and I always declare it on my customs form. The customs officials barely glance at it, as long as they are told it's there, it seems to be fine with them. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it is the cheese made from unpasteurized milk that is forbidden. Which I can imagine is a very large percentage of the cheese that you can purchase in the street Markets! But, isn't that what makes them taste so good?!! The heating or pasteurizing of the milk, is what gives it the cooked flavor. That is what separates the most tasty french cheeses from our packaged flavorless cheeses here in the U.S.. I figure, that as long as it is for personal consumption, the only one in danger of the forbidden bacteria, is myself! Maybe that's the way they look at it. As long as it isn't for retail, they aren't going to bother with a true inspection. Has anyone had problems going through customs with cheese from Europe?

Regards- Jenni in Chicago