Subject: Re: Cutting tools on airlines
Fellow Ziners,

To continue on the cutting tools thread. In the last 3 weeks I have taken several flights to Atlanta, Tampa Norforlk, Charlotte, Reagan National and back to Huntsville. We are off to Italy and London at the middle of the month.

On three occasions I was pulled aside for additional security. I guess a middle aged woman is not exempt. On these occasions after my bags were checked security officers sealed the zippers with heavy duty blue plastic zip locks.

Fortunately for me I was staying with family and friends at all destinations, however if not I would not have been able to open my bags without first finding some kind of cutter. As we can no longer carry on nail scissors, any suggestions from other Ziners as to how I get my bags open without finding a store. I arrive at my hotel in Rome in the evening.

One added thought:

Booking at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.They also make reservations for other gallerys. 39 055 294883

I just called the Gallery and made a reservation. An English speaker answered. Very efficent. No credit Card needed. Got the time and date I wanted. Pick up at the Gallery.

Counting down to Italy, Gay LeJeune Huntsville Alabama