Subject: Re: Looking for value, but yummy eating in Paris

We like to use Sandra Gustafson's Great Eats Paris, along with Patricia Wells for choosing good value and wonderfully delicious meals in Paris.

I used to do Jack's website, but it seems that his taste and mine coincide on hotels, and differ a little on restaurants. Sandra

Gustafson updates her books regularly, and Wells does not. I found Gustafson to have less depth of coverage, but more choices in our low price range.

The best three meals we had this past August/September were at Fish, La Boissonerie in the 6th; Baracane in the Marais (my favorite); and La Fontaine du Mars in the 7th. These are all reasonably priced places with great food and friendly service. I know nothing about wine, so I can't speak to that.

At LFDM, be sure to have the Mystere dessert. It is the best sweet I can remember, but the mille fuielle at Baracane is a close second.

Another great dessert is the Paris Brest at Allard, where there is a prix fixe menu, but you have to ask for it to get a really good value.

Have fun eating. The food is fabulous. Debbie in Pittsburgh