Subject: The Cheese, The Cheese!
Wow! It's so great to see the responses from all of the fellow cheese lovers!

I have done this several times. A few years ago, I read a splendid article (in Vogue!) about the bringing-in-the-cheese problem. The author recommended just what many of you (us) are doing. Just write it down! I say Yes on that long question about food, farms seeds, etc. and write that I have cheese for personal consumption, and maybe something more if I feel like it. The actual point on whether they are legal is the length of time they have been aged. Therefore, the greatest cheeses (brie, camembert, reblochon, etc.)are, strictly speaking, illegal. BUT I have also never had a problem with them.

The vacuum packaging (between two sheets of pretty heavy plastic, with all the air sucked out) is THE thing to do! No, you can't indulge on the plane (which I don't do 'cause I'm too selfish to share my small treasure-trove with strangers) but it is a bonus for keeping the cheese in good shape. Also, I always put my cheese in a suitcase which I check. The hold of the plane is much more likely to be cold. The interior is warmer - for the people, thus not as good for the cheese!

Good luck to everybody who brings in that wonderful cheese!

Pat in California where it is much too hot!