Subject: Pozos, Mexico
Hello fellow Ziners, I just wanted to add something new about central Mexico. I just got back from a trip to Querataro, San Miguel and Guanajuato. On our way from Querataro to San Miquel we took the long way though Pozos and San Luis de la Pas. Pozos is a deserted mining town that is getting a new growth from various artists and B& BS. It has a small museum and workshop where they make the old native musical instruments. It turned out to be the highlight of my trip and I would recommend that everyone planning a trip in the state of Guanajuato, check out their website:

We had perfect weather and stayed at some of the cleanest cities of Mexico. When you go to the city of Guanajuato try to stay over a Saturday night to join in on the Saturday night activities in the jardin. As other people have said there is a large population of Americans in San Miquel so it was great to see the Mexican tourist in Guanajuato. Wilma from sunny K.C.