Subject: Re: Looking for value, but yummy eating in Paris
Hi Margy,

You didn't mention, I think, what area you will be in. If you happen to be near Bastille and Gare de Lyon, you might try A La Biche Au Bois, a typical Parisian bistrot at 45 avenue Ledru Rollin and is relatively untouristy - others around us were speaking French and many were shaking hands with the patron on leaving. Service was friendly and the staff were willing and able to translate menu items if required. We chose the 21 Euro menu of four courses with choices for each course. My river fish mousse (sorry, I forget the name), smooth and creamy was served with a tangy red pepper sauce. Richard had terrine au lapin served with a pot of gherkins. We both had the salmon with forest mushrooms as main course. Then cheese - my choice was a blue Auvergne, Richard, Brie and Camembert. Then creme caramel for me and Poires Belle Helene for Richard. We had the house Bordeaux and a half bottle of sparkling mineral water, then coffee. Total price (incl service!) was 57 Euros. We could see why the house was packed - good food and good value. It wouldn't be somewhere for a tete a tete - our tables were packed together, but still a memorable meal. The only problem is that Richard complained that he had to drink too much of the wine - I didn't have my share! The restaurant has been recommended by: Zagat, Cheap Eats, Cadogan, Routard, Michelin Red Guide. You must reserve!

Before dinner, you can go to the Marche d'Aligre nearby. Here's its website:

Here's more about the market - from Waitrose, the supermarket people in the UK! We had great cheese from there!

Also in the area are other great small bistrots and restaurants as well as a wine bar, Baron Rouge. Jack of Jack-travel is a great source for out-of-the way places. Here's his review of the Baron Rouge.

Frances Toronto, Canada