Subject: Re: Health Insurance for overseas
Ziners: In May of last year before I left for my trip to Hungary and Slovakia I called our health insurance carrier, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, to see if anything should happen to me over there if I Had any type of coverage. I was informed, that I did. BC/BS informed me there were numerous hospitals and clinics that would accept it. All I had to do was fill out forms and such if and when something happened. So they sent me the forms and a book with addresses of places all over Europe that I could go to for help. I never thought to ask them what would happen if I had to be evacuated. I plan on calling again soon to have them send me new forms and a new book too, as things change over there so fast. I will ask more questions about what is covered this time for sure. I know dentistry work of any type is not covered there as it is not covered here. Has anyone here ever had any dental work done in Hungary? If so were you happy with it? Did it really cost a lot less? and how many times did you have to return there to get the work finished? Thank you for help. Safe travels to everyone. I will be returning to Hungary and Slovakia In early June. Has any body here used IBUSZ in Hungary to find a room to rent? I was just wondering what the lowest rate I would have to pay in the summer if I wanted to take a break from them for a week. I stay with family while in Hungary, and believe me it can be very costly doing that too. How do you find very reasonable rooms? In the Lake Balaton / Siofok area there are signs on homes, But around Budapest I never see them. Thank you for any help again. Alice