Subject: Re: Reasonable room or apt rental in Hungary.
Hi Bob and Lynn and everyone at TheTravelzine, I just wanted to drop a fast line to thank Bob and Lynn for their help. I very well may use them my next year to trip to Hungary. I just need a room to rent, as I will be in Hungary for so many weeks, I can't afford to spend that much money per night or week at this time. I know Hungary is not as reasonable priced as it once was. From 1999 to 2003 the same place I stay at has gone up in price at least 3 fold. I am losing my job at the end of this month so that doesn't help matters much either. I work a very stressful job! So I really need to take a long vacation. I'm a home heath aide and have been doing a lot of hospice work the last few years. I just lost my Dad a few weeks ago also. Then a very close aunt, his sister right before that. So if I had to sleep on a park bench I'd still go. I have my airline ticket already, I really lucked out on that big time. I bought them back in October only $430.00, I'll be flying on British Airways. Thank you again for your help. If anyone else can help me I'd sure appreciate it. Alice