Subject: Re: Where to go in April
Hi, Evan, The answer to your question depends on what are you looking for. I love Spain and there you can visit during the Easter week the much impressive Semana Santa processions in Sevilla, Malaga, Granada and Valladolid. Also, at the end of April there a totally joyful Feria de Abril in Sevilla with people dancing, smiling, making fun and so on from the afternoon until 5-6 at the morning of the next day. It lasts for one week. All women wear traditional flamenco dresses and all people around - men and women - dance flamenco and Sevillana.

In the little village of Alcoy near Valencia you can enjoy for 3 days (22-24) the Fiesta Moros y Crisitanos. Every year they revive on the streets the scenes of Reconquista. Many interesting dresses, fireworks and so on.

If in any case you go to Sharm - it's a great place, make a jump to Eilat (Israel) and Acqaba (Jordan). This oasis of real peace in this crazy region with its coral reefs (the Nothernmost coral reef in the world) and red mountains of Aqaba/Eilat Gulf will not leave you indifferent. From Eilat you can also make a one-day journey to the miraculous Petra and another trip to the Dead Sea.

Enjoy your trip,

Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel