Subject: Re: Where to go in April
Hi Evan,

I also thought about the South of Spain, but most every decent place is really booked up ages ago. We looked into Sevilla or Malaga to be able to watch the processions, and there wasnīt anything at a reasonable rate (so we have dropped that idea, and instead we are heading to London, itīs cheaper :) ). Although two weeks ago there were some offers in the area around Cadiz (much nicer and less berdeveloped than Costa del Sol). That could be a good option, near a beautiful city, Cadiz, and not too far away from Sevilla. Check places like El Puerto de Santa Maria.

It seems that you are looking for a warm place, have you thought of Crete? Places should be opening for the season, and it should be warm. And lots of things to do, visiting ruins, walking in the mountains. Turkey, Cyprus and Crete are all similar and good options. Sharm-el-Sheikh is different, but if you like to dive is a must-go place.

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain