Subject: Bernina Express
Ziners, In late May of 2001 we spent a week at Lake Constance, then made our connections on various trains to take the Bernina Express from Chur to Tirano, traveling onward to Varenna on Lake Como.

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Our seats on the little red train were on an observation car with glass windows that curved up partly over the roof. The views were spectacular - but several passengers felt the need to stand in the aisle and film with their camcorders, totally blocking the view of those seated on the opposite side.

There was a refreshment cart where we purchased coffee and pastries, etc. All in all a very pleasant trip. For some reason, at the Tirano station, as our passports were checked, an officer pulled us aside and disappeared behind a closed door with our passports. Everyone else was allowed to pass. After about 25 minutes he returned with our passports. We had, of course, missed our train to Varenna, but it gave us the opportunity to fritter away an hour or two outside a cafe' in Tirano with our first gelato of the trip!

Pam in sunny Sunnyvale, CA