Subject: Re: Good value gifts from Paris
Hi, Here's my list of less expensive places to shop in Paris. Elena

Discount Shopping areas

Opera area: Rue de la Chausee d'Antin (metro stop Chausee d'Antin). A treasure trove of small discount shops. Prices here a little bit higher than other areas because of its location. JNS 3 for women's clothes. Latin Quarter boutiques: Rue de l'Ancienne Comedie and Rue Dauphine are two streets with many bargain boutiques sprinkled among pricey boutiques (metro stop Odeon).

Michel Tchou for leather goods. Vitalis Farhi, 30 rue Dauphine, very small so you must search for the number. Best bargain in Latin Quarter. Sweater coats for as little as $25 and French t-shirts for $7.

Rue d'Alesia, 75014 (Metro: Alesia): discount designer wear sold in plain pipe-rack stores. Most stores in this area are closed Monday morning and open at 2 pm. Some of the shops are: Cacharel Stock, 114 rue d'Alesia, 50% off line for men and women. Dorothee Bis Stock, 79 rue d'Alesia, substantial reductions. Daniel Hechter Stock, (also called Stock 2) 92 rue d'Alesia. Large selection for men and women at low prices. Fabrice Karel Stock, 105 rue d'Alesia, for Karel knits which look like Sonia Rykiel's. Beral, 64 rue d'Alesia. Big discounts on leather bags and accessories. Maroquinerie Marjans, 102 rue d'Alesia. Real bargains on fine leather bags and belts. Clipp, Opens about two hours later than posted and owner takes off for lunch with friends, but if you hit it when it is open can be biggest bargain you will find. Could be worth waiting!

SR Store, No. 64 is the Sonia Rykiel outlet selling last season's collection at half-off.

Sodi Club, 57 rue Sainte Ann. Something of a clearing house for big name apparel and accessories from shops and boutiques throughout the city, as well as for items from the airport shops, all at 50% or more discount. For men, women and children wear.

Rue-du-Pre-aux-Clercs (just inside the 7th Arrondissement). The latest, chic shopping street. Corinne Sarrut, #4, is known for fluid little silk dresses and separates. Laurence Tavernier, #7, has pajamas, robes and shawls. Michel Klein, #6, is best for tight, clingy dresses in black and navy. Isadora, #10, known for spectacular hats, scarves and jewelry, as well as for its own spicy fragrance.

Discounts on Haute Couture and Designer Wear: Courreges, 7 rue de Turbigo, 75001, 30-40 per cent off retail. Pierre Cardin, 11 blvd. de Sebastopol, 75001. 3rd. floor. For men only. Also at 72 Rue St. Honore (metro stop: Louvre) sells off whatever has gone unpurchased at Cardin retail stores, payment is cash only. Mendes, 65 rue Montmartre. Yves Saint-Laurent for women. (Metro stop: Sentier) Within walking distance of the mall: Forum des Halles. Upstairs you'll find the better clothes from the Rive Gauche line, some of them a season or more old, and are 50 to 70 per cent off their French retail price. Nini Ricci, 39 ave. Montaigne. Sale items featured year-round in basement shop of haute couture house. (Metro stop: Alma-Marceau or Franklin-D.-Roosevelt). Bab's, 29 Ave. Marceau (metro stop: Alma-Marceau). Less expensive than Anna Lowe, with a less recognizable mix of designer and quasi-designer names. A few blocks' walk from Metro, but you can hop a bus along Ave. Marceau that will drop you at the door. Carries good women's clothes, but labels are cut out. Anna Lowe, 35 Ave. Matignon (metro stop: Franklin-D.-Roosevelt).

Clothes might be a year old; lots of big names to choose from and a range of styles with prices $100-$1,000. This is the place for good designer clothes, top-of-the line, pleasant atmosphere and a staff who speak English! Emmanuelle Khahn, 6 rue Pierre-Lescot, 2nd. floor, women's clothes only. Daniel Hechter Stock Austerlitz, 16 blvd. de l'Hopital. For men and women. Le Club des Dix, 58 rue du Faubourg St-Honore. one floor up. Big name designer apparel for men and women at 30% or more off. M.G.S. Diffusion, 10 rue Pont-aux-Choux. M. St. Sebastian-Froissart.

Cut-rate designer wear: Cacharel, Guy Laroche. Sulmaco, 13 rue de Trevise, Montmartre. Many big names: Dior, YSL, Lanvin, Pierre Cardin, Ted Lapidus, Valentino. Biderman, 114 rue de Turenne (metro Filles du Calvaire), offers men's designer clothes at 40-50% reductions. Boutique de Soldes, 29 Ave. Ledru Rollin (metro Gare de Lyon) offers Louis Scherre. Soldes Trois, 3 rue de Vienne (metro St. Lazare), men's suits go for $250, women's dresses for $150. Clef des Soldes, 99 rue Saint-Dominique. Sporty clothes for men, women and children. Grif Troc, 17 Blvd. de Courcelles, one of Parisian women's discount favorites. This small, crowded shop carries designs from Chanel, Max Mara and Saint Laurent, among others.

Discounts on Leather Bags and Accessories: Valery, 19 ave. des Gobelins. Handbags, travel bags, wallets. All known brands at reduced prices. Miss Soldes, 6 rue Saint-Florentin (Metro: Concorde). Attractively priced leather wear and accessories. Gloves: Muriel, 4 rue des Saussaies, 75008.