Subject: Naive tourists
Hi Ziners, The 10 euro coffee thread led me to think about how we can sometimes be naive, gullible, or simply unthinking and pay way more than we would ever do at home.

In August 1990, in beautiful Dubrovnik, we were hot so we bought ice cream - double scoops - for $10.00! In Rome, on the Piazza Navona we settled in to watch the after-work crowd - one glass of wine, one coke: $13.00. That was 14 years ago. I'd hate to know what the cost would be today.

A few years ago in London, and tired of eating in pubs, I had a glass of wine and a salad at Chez Gerard on Charlotte Street. Granted the service was lovely and attentive but the bill was 17 pounds. The next day at a restaurant in Sloane Square with a friend (who lives in London and has become somewhat immune to the cost of living there), a caesar salad and a glass of wine was 20 pounds. What were we thinking? My room was only 49 pounds per night! Thank goodness the museums are free.

In the larger picture, it doesn't add up to much and we laugh about this now, but felt pretty dumb at the time.

Anyone else have duh, what was I thinking stories to tell? We could all use a reminder to be on alert to costs.

Lucy in Toronto, now looking for bargains