Subject: Markets around the world - including Toronto!
Hi Ziners,

I love markets! That's where you can see the locals, not just tourists. I am lucky enough to live near a good market, St. Lawrence, in Toronto. There are actually two parts to St. Lawrence market - the daily market in an old building on the south side of Front Street and the farmers' market on Saturday mornings (North Market). Some stallholders in the North Market are genuine farmers; others are retailers. Either way during the growing season, if we can grow it, you'll just find local produce. The main market (south) has some great cheese as well as bakeries. At lunch time, downtown office workers buy peameal (Canadian) bacon sandwiches, Chinese food from the takeaway in the lower level, huge veal and eggplant sandwiches, or Portuguese barbecue chicken. Don't come Sunday or Monday - it's closed! Here's the Market home page:

Here's a list of markets around the world that Lucy found - it's from Food and Wine magazine:

Frances Toronto, Canada