Subject: Cheap Airfares - Toronto/London
Good morning, Ziners - Zoom Airlines was offering fares as low as $199 each way in May to London which is phenomenal. This is an upstart airline so one would assume there won't be many amenities on board. I leave for London in two weeks on British Airways and I still think I did well on the fare - $478 Canadian return which still came in at just under $600 Canadian including all fees and taxes.

I don't mind paying this extra $80, because compared to Zoom, I will probably get a decent meal, a drink if I want one, movies, and a fairly comfortable seat. I have traveled to Europe in the past on Air Transat and while it's cheap, it's not very comfortable unless you join Club Transat and spring for about another $600 to get a larger, Club seat.

If anyone is planning on traveling with Zoom in the near future, please post your impression to the list. Thanks!