Subject: Re: Glasgow - where to stay and eat
Hi, Lucy:

Glasgow is such a great city to visit, & you know I'm not much of a city kind of traveler!

The Botanical Garden is a lovely walk on a fine day, but if it's rainy & dreary, the glasshouses are even more enchanting.

One of my favorite places to stay isn't in Glasgow proper, but very close by. We often stay there the night before our return flight. It's the Scottish Youth Hostel on Loch Lomond! There are family rooms as well as the traditional hostel-style shared accoms.

There are nice walks nearby & the scenery can't be beat. On our last trip, it was a very cold April morning & we rose early to head for the Glasgow airport; everything was dusted with sparkling beads of ice, including the sheep. As the sun came up, every crystal turned into a dancing reflection of the golden light. My sisters had to drag me to the car & lock me in while they loaded our possessions.

Instead of the last night in Scotland, this year I've booked this hostel for our first night in mid May.

Gail As usual, plotting to leave Eugene for a bit