Subject: Re: Zell am See or Salzburg hotel or inn
Hello, Kostas. One place to look for hotel recommendations is the hotel database in TheTravelzine Files. I checked for Zell am See or Salzburg and found a few recommendations for Salzburg -

(note the correct spelling of Salzburg), I found 43 messages in the Mirror Archives including the following from Joan in Rockford:

The Alstadhotel Wolf-Dietrich hotel in Salzburg is a small hotel and at the time was very reasonable. It is not in the Old Town but an easy enough walk to and from there though a bit of a hill coming back. It is labeled an Austria Classic Hotel. It does have a restaurant which was pleasant, but the food was gourmet/organic rather than Austrian. I believe I ate there once, maybe twice. I had read about the hotel in a brochure from a travel agency. And I must admit that beyond its location and cost, I wanted to stay there because it is run by the Familie Schmelzle. It is not very often I run into my family name, and I thought it would be neat to meet a member of the family, which I did.

I hope that this helps you have an enjoyable trip.

Mark Los Angeles