Subject: Re: Samos, Greek Islands
Hi Frances, Samos is a gorgeous, somewhat untouched Greek island. It does not have the feel of the Cyclades, but is more like Turkey (with red tile roofs, and such) -- It is in the chain of islands called the Dodecanse -- all of which lie along the Turkish Coast and all of which are not as assaulted by tourists as are the Cyclades or the Ionian islands. If you want, I can get my notes and give you details -- We had spectacular corniche hiking to remote beaches walking through ancient olive groves to get to glorious turquoise to indigo to purple waters... and we loved it there. The ancient ruins of Kusadasi lie 3 miles from the main town of Pythagorio with daily crossings in season to view them. Should you go, I would recommend going to Patmos on the same trip -- and viewing the Monastery/Church of St John the Divine -- They are quite close together and each has its own flavor (as they all do!) (I will read your article tomorrow. Thanks, Frances) Regards, Susie Newton, MA