Subject: Cutting tools on airlines
Hello Ziners,

I called United Airlines tonight to ask about the situation regarding cutting tools. The agent told me that it looked like I could bring a small, blunt-tipped scissors onto the plane to Germany. However, she also said that all she could really say is that each security agent does it differently! She said the worst that would happen is that if I can't have it, they'll just take it away from me. She jokingly told me I could not bring my motorcycle, mace, or stun-gun on board. (In actuality, I have none of those anyway.)

I read the TSA website but it includes a list of items for domestic travel only and says to contact your airlines for international travel. (Does it seem like the right hand isn't talking to the left hand here?) Anyway, the TSA domestic flight list is kind of interesting. You can bring knitting needles and crochet hooks, but not regular scissors in a carry-on. Hmmm, I find that strange if weapons is the main concern.

The airline agent did agree with me that things could get stricter with the recent bombings in Spain.

Sincerely, majeba (Barbara) Rawlins, WY (where snow showers are predicted)